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M E X I C O     I N S U R A N C E    C O V E R S

Policy price varies, but generally $40/day or $245/week

**Note** ALL CLAIMS MUST BE REPORTED PRIOR TO LEAVING MEXICO. If you do not report a claim before you leave Mexico, YOUR CLAIM MAY NOT BE COVERED. There is a deductible for collision, vandalism and total loss. You may purchase a ZERO deductible waiver on your Mexico policy for an additional $20.00 per day (This waives the $1000.00 deductible).

**If you will be mostly driving in Mexico, but need coverage while in the US, you may purchase US insurance for the 1st and last day (or any other days needed)**


U S     C O V E R A G E    O P T I O N S

Full coverage = $49/day. This includes CDW (collision damage waiver) for $24/day, RLI (renters liability insurance) for $13/day, and SLI (supplemental liability insurance) for $12/day.

**CDW covers OUR vehicle 100% with a zero deductible**
**RLI covers 3rd party liability (injuries or property) up to the California state minimum limit of $35,000**
**SLI covers 3rd party liability (injuries or property) up to $1,000,000 after basic minimum liability has been expended**